Friday, December 16, 2011


What are you waiting for? A night out with your spouse? Your annual Christmas party with loved ones?  Shopping and celebrating with friends?  Presents?
Children in Colorado are WAITING for families.  
Could you pleasetake some time this Christmas season and pray for them?  
Can you ask God to give them the gift of family?

Update: As of 10/1/11


Andrew D  7/1996 Still waiting
Anthony H 9/2004 PLACED
Ariana B  6/2002 Still waiting
Aron C    5/1998   Still waiting
Asya R    Removed, registration expired
Austin R  Registration expired – no longer recruiting for him (he is in a stable placement)
Brady M   2/2002   Still waiting
Dame’a W (sib K.W.)   Still waiting
Darryl G  Still waiting
Delia V   PLACED w/Sophie
Dewayne L   Still waiting
Elijah L  NY  4/1996  No longer registered w/C.A.P.
Gabrialla R  PLACED
Jerald A (sib T.A.)   PLACED w/Terrell
Kevonda (sib D.W.)   Disrupted/Still waiting
Rasheema F   4/1992 Still waiting – doing well
Sophie R   PLACED w/Delia
Tanyel G   Removed, registration expired
Terrell A (sib J.A.)  8557 (SCO065399) PLACED w/Jerald

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wait No More!

Last November CARE shared this list of children in Colorado waiting for families to adopt them and welcome them home.  Many people committed to praying for these children.  Below is a update as to where these kids are in the adoption process. Has the child you're praying for found a family or still waiting?  God says He sets the lonely in families.  What's more lonely than a child without mom and dad?  Please, continue to ask the Father to find their homes...
Update:  As of 9/1/11

NAME                           CASE #                          B-DATE          STATUS
Andrew D                      CO098791                      7/1996            Still waiting
Anthony D                     CO178776                      9/2004            ADOPTIVE PLANS
Ariana B                        CO228093 (0602)           6/2002            Still waiting
Aron C                            CO580480                      5/1998            Still waiting
Asya R                           CO9321                          2/1999            Still waiting       
Austin R                        CO58755 (0494)             4/1994            Registration expired – no longer
                                                                                                      recruiting for him (I do know that he is
                                                                                                      in a stable placement, though J)
Brady M                         CO099182                      2/2002            Registration Expired – no longer
                                                                                                      recruiting for him
Dame’a W (sib K.W.)  CO8423                                                  Recruitment on Hold
Darryl G                         CO035762                                              Still waiting
Delia V                          CO9301                                                  PLACED    
Dewayne L                    CO099183                                              Still waiting
Elijah L                          NY34011318                  4/1996            Still waiting–being registered with C.A.P.
Gabrialla R                  CO0178128                                            PLACED
Jerald A (sib T.A.)        CO 8556 (SCO065399)                           ADOPTIVE PLANS
Kevonda (sib D.W.)     CO8424                                                  PLACED
LaShea M                      CO9003                                                  ADOPTIVE PLANS
Rasheema F                 NY3401803                    4/1992            Still waiting – recent inquiries from
                                                                                                      certified families
Sophie R                       CO9302                                                  PLACED w/Delia
Tanyel G                       CO069042                                              Removed, adoption no longer goal
Terrell A (sib J.A.)        CO 8557 (SCO065399)                           ADOPTIVE PLANS - To be placed with

20 children – 4 placed;  4 Adoptive Plans

If you have questions about any of these kids and how you might adopt, please contact
the Adoption Exchange at 1 800 681 1731.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mom's Coffee!

CARE's Family Brigdes Project hosts a Mom's Coffee for women who are interested or involved with adoption and orphan care. Would you like to join us? Just send an e-mail to and ask to be notified of the next get-together. You'll enjoy a relaxing time of yummy refreshments, stimulating conversation and lots of laughter.
Hope to see you there!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Journey Begins

Weaving in and out of traffic along the rim of the Great Rift Valley, we begin our great adventure in Kenya. In reality, this journey started long ago and many prayers away.

In 2001 Africa was planted in our hearts. God watered it with tears for the poor. He fed it with intercession for orphaned children. As bible school graduates with mission majors, the idea of living in a foreign country had always been on our radar; but, it took our 4 year old son to fertilize the ground of the field the Lord was calling us to harvest. His nightly prayers, asking God to help orphans in Africa led us ask how we, as a family, could share our lives with a hurting world.

The vision to “go” sprouted into our first trip. In 2006 we travel to Kenya. It was not what we would call a good exp
erience. Surrounded by adversity that threatened our commitment, we returned to the states feeling lost, but with hope that God could restore the dream. After two more trips that produced amazingly sweet fruit, we then enduring the tests of time by waiting for God to push open the doors for long term ministry. Now, we are here.

I watch the road unfold before us, dotted with colorfully-clad bodies, small markets, zebras and baboons. Little ones play with sticks and wheels. We moved on through small villages and sprawling towns, carried down this artery of African life, carried to a destiny.

As we continue on this journey, we pray that God would keep revealing His heart for the fatherless and enabling us to work the ground He's given. We're believing Him for miracles of grace.

Please see for more stories from the journey...

Saturday, July 30, 2011


IT's coming... again!



You won't want to miss this AMAZINGLY FUN event that

Friday, July 29, 2011

Below is a list of upcoming classes for those involved or interested in adoption. Note that all classes are open to anyone wishing to attend. Please contact the Adoption Exchange and let them know you are connected with FAMILY BRIDGES - a CARE sponsored adoptive support group.

The Adoption Exchange Education Center
2011-2012 Classes
ALL classes are open to anyone wishing to attend.

Promoting Placement Stability: Using Home
Visits to Prevent Disruption
8/25/2011 (Thursday) 9am-12pm Colorado Springs, CO
9/29/2011 (Thursday) 9am-12am Fort Morgan, CO
11/2/2011 (Wednesday) 9am-12am Broomfield, CO

Helping Children Cope (For Parents): How Foster and Adoptive Parents can Reduce Child Trauma During Placement Moves
9/1/2011 (Thursday) 6pm-9pm Yuma, CO
3/21/2012 (Wednesday) 5pm-8pm Colorado Springs, CO

Transitioning from Foster to Adoptive Parenting: Helping Kinship and Foster Parents Prepare for the Changes that come with Adoption
9/14/2011 (Wednesday) 5pm-8pm Colorado Springs, CO
9/29/2011 (Thursday) 1pm-4pm Fort Morgan, CO

Effective Matching Practices: Matching Practices that Promote Permanency
10/26/2011 (Wednesday) 9am-12pm Colorado Springs, CO
4/18/2012 (Wednesday) 9am-12am Broomfield, CO
4/24/2012 (Tuesday) 1pm-4pm Greeley, CO

Helping Children Cope: Reducing Trauma During Placement Moves
4/21/2012 (Saturday) 9am-12pm Gunnison, CO

Guided by the Law: ICWA, ADA, & ASFA
4/21/2012 (Saturday) 2pm-5pm Gunnison, CO
5/8/2012 (Tuesday) 1pm-4pm Colorado Springs, C

Register online at If you do not have internet access or are having difficulty registering online, please contact
Denise Leffingwell at (303) 755-4756 ext 264 or
Central Registration at (303) 556-5205.

The Adoption Exchange
14232 East Evans Avenue
Aurora, CO 80014

State Office Locations
Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah

Thursday, June 2, 2011

So many children waiting for moms, dads, for families to embrace them. 163 million world-wide. 120,000 in the USA. Below is a list of children waiting... Please pray.


Update: As of 6/1/11


Andrew D CO098791 7/1996 Still waiting

Anthony D CO178776 9/2004 Recruitment on Hold – Potential Match

Ariana B CO228093 (0602) 6/2002 Still waiting

Aron C CO580480 5/1998 Still waiting

Asya R CO9321 2/1999 Still waiting

Austin R CO58755 (0494) 4/1994 Registration expired – no longer

recruiting for him (I do know that he is

in a stable placement, though J)

Brady M CO099182 2/2002 Still waiting

Dame’a W (sib K.W.) CO8423 Still waiting

Darryl G CO035762 Still waiting

Delia V CO9301 PLANS

Dewayne L CO099183 Still waiting

Elijah L NY34011318 4/1996 Still waiting–being registered with C.A.P.

Gabrialla R CO0178128 PLACED

Jerald A (sib T.A.) CO 8556 (SCO065399) Still Waiting

Kevonda (sib D.W.) CO8424 PLACED

LaShea M CO9003 Registration expired, but presenting to a


Rasheema F NY3401803 4/1992 Still waiting – recent inquiries from

certified families

Sophie R CO9302 PLANS - See above, to be placed w/Delia

Tanyel G CO069042 Registration expired, no other info.

Terrell A (sib J.A.) CO 8557 (SCO065399) See above, to be placed with Jerald


20 children – 2 placed; 6 on hold

So many children waiting for moms, dads, for families to embrace them. Please pray.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Waiting children

Waiting Children.

Waiting for what?
For mom to pick them up from basketball practice?
For friends to come over to play or spend the night eating junk food and watching movies?
For holiday or birthday celebrations?

They are waiting for families.
There are now 162 million orphans worldwide. Unfathomable number to imagine, but the short video clip will give you an idea... (143,000,000 was the number a couple years back)

Overwhelming, huh?
But if you care for just one... if we each care about one... we can make a difference.

How can you care?

We've designed a program that helps you pray for a waiting child who lives right here in the USA.
Yes, the USA has waiting children. 127,000 of them waiting for a hug from mom, waiting for someone to call dad, waiting for holiday and birthday celebrations with family.

You can help waiting children by simply committing to pray for one. Pray for that child to have what your children have.

We're in contact with the agency that tracks where these waiting children are. They've agreed to contact us with updates on which children receive plans for placement with families for adoption.

Let's pray. Let's watch and see what the Lord will do. His Word says He sets the lonely in families. He's the God of His Word.

Come on! Let's not keep these kids waiting!


Update: As of 3/6/11


Andrew D CO098791 7/1996 still waiting

Anthony D CO178776 9/2004 Recruitment on Hold – Potential Match

Ariana B CO228093 (0602) 6/2002 still waiting (prepared plate for A Day on Wed Child on 4/6/11 hoping the TV exposure will get her placed)

Aron C CO580480 5/1998 still waiting

Asya R CO9321 2/1999 still waiting

Austin R CO58755 (0494) 4/1994 Registration expired – no longer recruiting for him (I do know that he is in a stable placement, though J)

Brady M CO099182 2/2002 still waiting

Dame’a W (sib K.W.) CO8423 PLACED

Darryl G CO035762 still waiting

Delia V CO9301 recruitment on hold while caseworker reviews homestudies

Dewayne L CO099183 still waiting

Elijah L NY34011318 4/1996 still waiting

Gabrialla R CO0178128 removed due to expired registration

Jerald A (sib T.A.) CO 8556 (SCO065399) still waiting

Kevonda (sib D.W.) CO8424 still waiting

LaShea M CO9003 Registration Expired

Rasheema F NY3401803 4/1992 still waiting – Friday’s Child w/o 1/17-21

Sophie R CO9302 recruitment on hold while caseworker reviews homestudies

Tanyel G CO069042 still waiting

Terrell A (sib J.A.) CO 8557 (SCO065399) still waiting

STATISTICS: 20 children – 1 placed; 3 on hold

Thursday, February 24, 2011

small is BIG. BIG is small.

At bible study on Tuesday evening we pray about a variety of things. Lately, we've been talking about more global issues along with local problems and our own personal stuff. Discussion about child trafficking at the pending Superbowl are mixed with the political crisis in Egypt. We intersperse our financial struggles, job situations, and parenting stuff...

When it was time to pray, there was so much... both insurmountable world problems to seemingly insignificant things... Which way do we pray? What do we say? Child trafficking statistics overwhelms me and I think, what's the use... (I'm told it's beyond our sphere of influence.) Yet, in light of the such horrific chaos, is praying about my individual issues that necessary?... While wrestling with these thoughts, we pray.

I wonder if God has a priority for prayers? Are some more important? Do they warrant more attention?

Later that evening I hear the these words whispered to my heart:

“small is BIG. BIG is small.”

What?” For a brief moment my logical thinking challenges that odd phrase. “No.” I mumble in my brain. I know that two plus two equals four. Big is big. Small is small. That makes sense.

During the night I wrestle with the that odd phrase... struggling with the apparent contradiction... I want ears to hear...

For God small is BIG because He cares about everything that concerns me. He wants me to share with Him my morning plans, afternoon daydreams and evening thoughts. Bring supplications, requests and thanksgiving to Him. He never sees them as too small. They are the place to start conversations with God, who weaves my life into a bigger picture.

As for the BIG things, they are only BIG to me because, well, I'm not God. He creates answers and holds them in His hands! He can make those answers small enough to fit into my hands and equip me to carry them over an earth plagued with pain. How does He do that? How can I do that?

I must carry those in crisis before Him with the heart that feels the suffering as though I were suffering too. It's easy to forget something I don't feel. If I turn away from offensive odors, ugly attitudes or unintelligible speech how can I relate to those whom Jesus refers to as “the least of these?” If I ignore perceptions that don't line up with mine, how will I live the gospel to those who live in darkness? God will share answers for the wounded world with those who are not offended by woundedness.

I think of Elijah who laid his own body across a dead boy. Imagine that for a moment. That child's body probably smelled from the desert heat. He was cold, unresponsive, lifeless. How many today are like that dead boy? Could I literally lay my life over death and believe for the impossible? What did God do? He moved through Elijah's actions by resurrecting the boy, by restoring his life!

Can I truly embrace someone who is poor, an orphan, a widow, a foreigner?

Can I care for one at the cost of self-sacrifice?

If I know God - I can.

I'll bring to Him my small, small concerns, like a child showing a parent a cut on a tiny finger tip, expecting a kiss and comforting words. That intimacy is BIG to my heavenly Dad. From those experiences of closeness, I'll learn to love with the same love He has given me.

Because God mends my heart, I can bind up the brokenhearted who sleep in deserted streets. Because He removes scale of sin off my eyes, I can guide those blinded by lusts and help them truly see. Christ sets me free to carry that liberty those who are captive, releasing them to destinies of His design.

I've given Him my smallness, my two fish and five loaves and He feeds multitudes because He sees small as BIG. He shows me things that break His huge heart, and because of our relationship, He makes it small enough to fit into mine, asking me to be His hands and feet in a sad, dirty world.

My small life is BIG to God who makes the BIG small enough for me to embrace.

Do you know how BIG your life is to God? It's no small thing for Him to help you believe for BIG things!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

CARE 4 Nations: God's Love for the fatherless goes beyond borders.

Check out our new CARE 4 Nations page for the latest update on the Hauger's plans to move to Kenya!

Praise God for His provision! We have one half of our monthly financial support raised!

Please pray:
A house renter.
Transition issues.
Health for all, especially Lisa.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Loving them to Life...
I love orphans so much that I don't want any more.
I love abandoned widows so much that I don't want any more.
I want to love them so much that there are no more orphans or widows waiting to be loved.
Can we do that?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 2011
Recapping the old and introducing the new...

Who would have thought that God could take a few adoptive moms and lay it on their hearts to start something that has helped families adopt, educated people about adoption, raised and awarded $33,000 to Christian families who need help so they can welcome home their kiddos. We also worked in Kenya to help widows provide for orphans so they experience love and are given the opportunity to learn about Jesus.

To those who have volunteered time, energy, and resources are part of the answer to prayers that children pray - thank you. God heard their cries, and He shared who you are to give them hope. A simple thank you is not enough, but it is all we have. We'll let Jesus lavish you with His reward.

This year we're trusting the Lord to multiply our efforts, expand our vision and place many more children into their forever families. Could you please pray with us as we navigate the uncharted waters of opening a Christian child placement agency to serve our local area? Would you remember to ask God to bless adoptive families with wisdom, unconditional love and the ability to reach out when they need services? Can you intercede for a child who is alone, asking for protection, provision, for a family?

2011 is time to CARE with prayer.
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