Friday, July 29, 2011

Below is a list of upcoming classes for those involved or interested in adoption. Note that all classes are open to anyone wishing to attend. Please contact the Adoption Exchange and let them know you are connected with FAMILY BRIDGES - a CARE sponsored adoptive support group.

The Adoption Exchange Education Center
2011-2012 Classes
ALL classes are open to anyone wishing to attend.

Promoting Placement Stability: Using Home
Visits to Prevent Disruption
8/25/2011 (Thursday) 9am-12pm Colorado Springs, CO
9/29/2011 (Thursday) 9am-12am Fort Morgan, CO
11/2/2011 (Wednesday) 9am-12am Broomfield, CO

Helping Children Cope (For Parents): How Foster and Adoptive Parents can Reduce Child Trauma During Placement Moves
9/1/2011 (Thursday) 6pm-9pm Yuma, CO
3/21/2012 (Wednesday) 5pm-8pm Colorado Springs, CO

Transitioning from Foster to Adoptive Parenting: Helping Kinship and Foster Parents Prepare for the Changes that come with Adoption
9/14/2011 (Wednesday) 5pm-8pm Colorado Springs, CO
9/29/2011 (Thursday) 1pm-4pm Fort Morgan, CO

Effective Matching Practices: Matching Practices that Promote Permanency
10/26/2011 (Wednesday) 9am-12pm Colorado Springs, CO
4/18/2012 (Wednesday) 9am-12am Broomfield, CO
4/24/2012 (Tuesday) 1pm-4pm Greeley, CO

Helping Children Cope: Reducing Trauma During Placement Moves
4/21/2012 (Saturday) 9am-12pm Gunnison, CO

Guided by the Law: ICWA, ADA, & ASFA
4/21/2012 (Saturday) 2pm-5pm Gunnison, CO
5/8/2012 (Tuesday) 1pm-4pm Colorado Springs, C

Register online at If you do not have internet access or are having difficulty registering online, please contact
Denise Leffingwell at (303) 755-4756 ext 264 or
Central Registration at (303) 556-5205.

The Adoption Exchange
14232 East Evans Avenue
Aurora, CO 80014

State Office Locations
Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah

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