Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wait No More!

Last November CARE shared this list of children in Colorado waiting for families to adopt them and welcome them home.  Many people committed to praying for these children.  Below is a update as to where these kids are in the adoption process. Has the child you're praying for found a family or still waiting?  God says He sets the lonely in families.  What's more lonely than a child without mom and dad?  Please, continue to ask the Father to find their homes...
Update:  As of 9/1/11

NAME                           CASE #                          B-DATE          STATUS
Andrew D                      CO098791                      7/1996            Still waiting
Anthony D                     CO178776                      9/2004            ADOPTIVE PLANS
Ariana B                        CO228093 (0602)           6/2002            Still waiting
Aron C                            CO580480                      5/1998            Still waiting
Asya R                           CO9321                          2/1999            Still waiting       
Austin R                        CO58755 (0494)             4/1994            Registration expired – no longer
                                                                                                      recruiting for him (I do know that he is
                                                                                                      in a stable placement, though J)
Brady M                         CO099182                      2/2002            Registration Expired – no longer
                                                                                                      recruiting for him
Dame’a W (sib K.W.)  CO8423                                                  Recruitment on Hold
Darryl G                         CO035762                                              Still waiting
Delia V                          CO9301                                                  PLACED    
Dewayne L                    CO099183                                              Still waiting
Elijah L                          NY34011318                  4/1996            Still waiting–being registered with C.A.P.
Gabrialla R                  CO0178128                                            PLACED
Jerald A (sib T.A.)        CO 8556 (SCO065399)                           ADOPTIVE PLANS
Kevonda (sib D.W.)     CO8424                                                  PLACED
LaShea M                      CO9003                                                  ADOPTIVE PLANS
Rasheema F                 NY3401803                    4/1992            Still waiting – recent inquiries from
                                                                                                      certified families
Sophie R                       CO9302                                                  PLACED w/Delia
Tanyel G                       CO069042                                              Removed, adoption no longer goal
Terrell A (sib J.A.)        CO 8557 (SCO065399)                           ADOPTIVE PLANS - To be placed with

20 children – 4 placed;  4 Adoptive Plans

If you have questions about any of these kids and how you might adopt, please contact
the Adoption Exchange at 1 800 681 1731.

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