Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Waiting children

Waiting Children.

Waiting for what?
For mom to pick them up from basketball practice?
For friends to come over to play or spend the night eating junk food and watching movies?
For holiday or birthday celebrations?

They are waiting for families.
There are now 162 million orphans worldwide. Unfathomable number to imagine, but the short video clip will give you an idea... (143,000,000 was the number a couple years back)

Overwhelming, huh?
But if you care for just one... if we each care about one... we can make a difference.

How can you care?

We've designed a program that helps you pray for a waiting child who lives right here in the USA.
Yes, the USA has waiting children. 127,000 of them waiting for a hug from mom, waiting for someone to call dad, waiting for holiday and birthday celebrations with family.

You can help waiting children by simply committing to pray for one. Pray for that child to have what your children have.

We're in contact with the agency that tracks where these waiting children are. They've agreed to contact us with updates on which children receive plans for placement with families for adoption.

Let's pray. Let's watch and see what the Lord will do. His Word says He sets the lonely in families. He's the God of His Word.

Come on! Let's not keep these kids waiting!


Update: As of 3/6/11


Andrew D CO098791 7/1996 still waiting

Anthony D CO178776 9/2004 Recruitment on Hold – Potential Match

Ariana B CO228093 (0602) 6/2002 still waiting (prepared plate for A Day on Wed Child on 4/6/11 hoping the TV exposure will get her placed)

Aron C CO580480 5/1998 still waiting

Asya R CO9321 2/1999 still waiting

Austin R CO58755 (0494) 4/1994 Registration expired – no longer recruiting for him (I do know that he is in a stable placement, though J)

Brady M CO099182 2/2002 still waiting

Dame’a W (sib K.W.) CO8423 PLACED

Darryl G CO035762 still waiting

Delia V CO9301 recruitment on hold while caseworker reviews homestudies

Dewayne L CO099183 still waiting

Elijah L NY34011318 4/1996 still waiting

Gabrialla R CO0178128 removed due to expired registration

Jerald A (sib T.A.) CO 8556 (SCO065399) still waiting

Kevonda (sib D.W.) CO8424 still waiting

LaShea M CO9003 Registration Expired

Rasheema F NY3401803 4/1992 still waiting – Friday’s Child w/o 1/17-21

Sophie R CO9302 recruitment on hold while caseworker reviews homestudies

Tanyel G CO069042 still waiting

Terrell A (sib J.A.) CO 8557 (SCO065399) still waiting

STATISTICS: 20 children – 1 placed; 3 on hold

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