Monday, September 21, 2009

Sean and Dayla's Family

An Exciting Adoption Journey...

We want to thank CARE for their financial gift towards our sons’ adoptions. The money we received was a tremendous help, during a very crucial time during our last two adoptions in 2009.

Three years ago, we adopted Camden from Taiwan. We researched several countries and routes of adoption before we decided on independent, international adoption in Taiwan. We anticipated having a little one from Taiwan and incorporating some Chinese culture in his upbringing. What caught us by surprise was that God stirred another love in our lives, not just for our son, but for his home country.

From the time we landed in back in the States, Fall 2006, our lives were a whirlwind of questions about this new-found love of Taiwan. We started consolidating our physical belongings and changing our business so that we could return, if God were to allow us to do so.

In the Fall of 2007 we found an orphanage in Taiwan that we wanted to work with. Our second son, Quin, was 12 months old when the he was placed with us. We prepared ourselves to move to Taipei as soon as Quin’s U.S. paperwork was complete.

In March 2008, the week that we were to board the plane for Taipei, we received an email with news from a lawyer asking us if we would be interested in adopting a little baby boy that had been born 3 days earlier. Wanting to be united with Quin as quickly as possible, and yet needing to complete paperwork for our little Declan, we waited a few more months in the U.S. before we moved to Taipei.

With the final pieces of U.S. paperwork in hand for both boys, we boarded the plane for Taiwan July 5, 2008. Once arriving in Taipei, with the help of a missionary, we completed Quin’s adoption. During the fall and winter we worked independently with Declan’s lawyer to complete his adoption.

During our time in Taipei, we were able to spend an afternoon with each of our boys’ birth-mothers. We pray that the time that we had with each of them will bring them closer to the saving knowledge of our Savior and healing from the pain of having to make the decision to not raise their little boy.

After three very different experiences of adoption, we arrived back on U.S. soil this last January, 2009. Our hopes and dreams that have stirred us for so many years, are now bundled up into three little bursts of energy that challenge and bless us every day.

Friday, January 16, 2009

What's the Story Behind These Eyes?

Her story reveals the need we all have to belong- to be nurtured and protected. She needs a family to embrace her. She didn't come into this world the "average" way. Somewhere early along in her journey she experienced rejection; she was probably abandoned, abused or neglected. She must be healed from ugly scars even if it's hard to do. She might respond to a warm hug, delight in soft covers and a bedtime story. She could resist tender care with uncommon apathy, ignoring her needs because they have never been fulfilled. Yes, she must be loved through some difficult stuff and it will take a lifetime.

Yet, that's exactly what God does for us. Scripture says He predestined us to be His children. God longs to embraces us regardless of our response. His desire is to nurture and protect us, apply healing to our wounded places. But sometimes we act out of scars of rejection, refusing His hugs, apathetic to His tender care. Sometimes we're really a lot like the little girl behind these desperate eyes- afraid to be known or loved by our Heavenly Father. Well, God patiently waits for us to call Him "Daddy." When we do, we are welcomed unconditionally into His family, adopted as His child. So, if God gives us the honor to call Him "Daddy" then who will the child behind these eyes call "Daddy?" Will it be you?

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