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Hi!  We're the Haugers: Mark, Lisa, Tavin, Taleah.
It all started...
with Tavin’s prayer to help orphans in Africa… Africa? Sure. Why not? We’re bible school graduates who’ve been on plenty of mission trips. But Lisa’s uses a wheelchair... How will we have enough money... Is it safe for the kids... MOST IMPORTANTLY - was God calling us to go? We prayed, fasted, researched, studied, trained, prayed some more. The burden for biblical orphan care grew, unabated by excuses. We are passionate, ready, crying out to God on behalf of the fatherless. God is calling us. 
So far... 
we’ve traveled to Kenya three times, 10 weeks total. It’s a country that you hate to love – sweeping vistas and mesmerizing sunsets collide with extreme poverty and beautiful, neglected orphaned children. Our purpose and plan need you! Partnering with support and prayer will equip and enable us to “care for widows and orphans.”

roughly twice the size of Nevada, has a population unbalance - 49% being 14 and under. The life expectancy is a mere 48 years. Widows in particular are relegated to a life of begging or sex trade. There are no national social service programs to help them become participating members of their communities or family providers.  Because of poverty, these women are forced to place their children in orphanages.

While living in Kisumu, Kenya, we will assist widow women in developing a sustainable program that meets physical and spiritual needs.  

·   By multiplying these widows’ efforts, the number of potential orphans could drastically decrease.

·   By providing practical training to reverse poverty mentality, encourage micro-finance education, and healthy child development, these women will not linger on the sidelines of life, but will be restored with dignity.

·   By utilizing resources that encourage spiritual growth and transformation, these women will realize who God intended them to be and live their destinies.

Carolyne’s story: an orphan was a widow with a son
Without resources, without hope and watching dreams shatter like the broken glass that litters the streets of her town, Carolyne’s cautious agreement to pray with us seemed fragile.  Little did we know how strong her faith really was.  Armed with biblical training and a small micro loan, Carolyne started her grocery kiosk in the Kondlele slum of Kisumu, Kenya. Within a year, she earns enough to feed and educate her son, care for her orphaned nephew, tithe, and help other widows do the same. Evangelism and discipleship happen regularly as Carolyne shares her story.  She’s living her destiny.

 Carolyne’s story meets ours…
Over 60 times in scripture we are challenged to comfort, defend, and provide for the needs of those who are fatherless. We've seen God meet needs of the fatherless through CARE, and we continue to feel His tugging us to reach out beyond convenience. By helping widowed moms like Carolyne, we’re living our destiny. 

Currently, we're working on our travel plans.  Any questions can be addresses to: 
If you'd like to donate for our monthly support or a one time gift please make checks payable to Restoration Fellowship or CARE with a note saying:
for the Haugers -Kenya.  
P.O. Box 2725, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.  You can also use the convenient paypal button on the sidebar of this blog.   (You will receive a tax receipt for your donation.)

Thanks for being an answer to the prayers of the fatherless.

CARE's church contact in Kenya is stepping out in faith to start a Christian Primary School. In the midst of their struggle to survive, these believer's are raising funds to educate orphaned children. CARE wants to match those funds.
Why is this significant?
  •  Education is necessary in alleviating poverty, disease, and orphan neglect.
  •  Education as a ministry increases fruitful evangelism and effective discipleship.
  •  The bible clearly states it is a believer's responsibility to care for orphans.

The Kenyan church is sacrificially giving to provide this opportunity for orphans. Can you help CARE match their funds by donating $10 and inviting your friends to do the same. Our goal is $2,000.
Thanks for CARE-ing!


Below is an update from our Kenyan friend, Carolyne. She is administrating the orphan/widow project in Kisumu, Kenya. The stories are of the women in the photo. 

Hello to you My friend,

Am very happy to hear you are doing well. I have been a little bit busy last week walking from market to where the ladies are doing their businesses.

How are things with you? did you get someone to rent or buy the house? We shall continue to pray always for your coming to Kenya.

Veronica is doing well she sells fish almost every day. she is able to feed her five children and take them to school.She was able to take her two little kids to pre-primary this year. though has not started helping a needy person but gives her tithe to her church.She has been able also to buy a mattress and a blanket which she did not have.

Florence does her sell too in a nearby posho mill where she sell maize, tomatoes vegetables (sukuma wiki) and onions. she is also able to feed her three children and take them to school. her first son is joining high school this week. and i really thank God for that.

I was also able to talk to Millicent through the phone last week for I did not find her at her place of business. She was making arrangements for the son to join high school, but shall resume in the business when everything is settled with the son.Thank you so much for your prayers with Millicent. I can she is starting to notice her mistakes. Glory to God amen.

Loisa too is doing well in the business though faced with a lot of challenges with the capital. I asked if she is able to help someone which she said still the business has not picked up so well.

It is always my joy seeing a needy person helped. I was thinking of going for training with the $ but that would be too selfish of me. I pray of identifying another lady to help in the business. Please pray with us the money is still in my account but the very moment we shall receive our registration Certificate we will apply for an account with a bank.

I thank God always for you. Yes you are free to share my story with whoever and in whatever way you think possible and God shall receive all the glory.i welcome any question that may arise please.

Pass my regards to everyone. I love you all, and miss you so much. Hug Taleah and Tavin for me. God bless you from Zion.

Blessings and prayers,


                 FROM KENYA: PICTURE THIS...

Taleah (with her long braids) wastes no time making friends.
Tavin (the tall one) brings soccer balls and forms "One Team for Jesus!"

Income-generating training that helps widows not only earn a living so they can care for their children, it also teaches them that they can assist other widows to do the same.

The women give Lisa a new "do."

The need for more schools is obvious - hundreds of students pack one small room.

"For God so loved the world..."

A big "Asante sana, Rafikis! Neema ya BWANA YESU!"
(Thank you and blessings of Jesus!)

As a result of your generous donations, six young widowed women are now able to raise their children, care for more orphans and teach other widows about Christ's redeeming love.  Also, a struggling Christian orphanage/school has new curriculum and sports equipment. 
Thanks for CARE-ing! 

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