Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lesson of the Fig Tree

"For every child of God overcomes the world: and the victorious principle which has overcome the world is our faith" 1 John 5:4

I hear God speaking lately. A lot. He's telling me not to give up. To live in faith. Nothing is impossible with Him. Actually, I hear these words whispered in my ear at the darkest times, during the hardest trials - when nothing, absolutely nothing points to victory.

The lesson of the fig tree shows me that Jesus has a plan, and it's not about my comfort, my convenience, nor my timetable.

One morning, the disciples and our Lord were on their way from Bethany to Jerusalem. Jesus saw a fig tree in the distance and being hungry, he went to see if it had figs. Scripture says it was NOT the season for figs; yet, when Jesus saw there was no figs to eat, He cursed the tree. The next day, when the disciples saw the tree withered at it's root, they exclaimed in wonder that the tree had died so quickly. Then, Jesus explained a lesson in faith.

When I read this story I wonder at the tree's lousy ending. Bummer! Jesus wanted figs, even when it was not the season for figs. Interestingly, that word "season" in the original language does not mean the convenience of seasons but the necessity of the task at hand whether the time provides a good, convenient opportunity or not. If Jesus is hungry and needs to eat it doesn't matter if it's "a good time." Fruit must be provided!

How does that apply to us and our faith? Well, don't we all have seasons for when we think things should happen? When it is most comfortable for us? Excuses like... "Let's go on a mission trip when the kids are grown. Let's join a ministry when we are not busy making our lives so pretty. Let's adopt a perfect little baby that looks just like us."

The lesson Jesus wanted us to learn from the fig tree is that when HE is hungry for fruit - nothing can stand in the way! A mountain of excuses can be cast in the sea. Have faith in His plan for you, not your plans for Him. Don't doubt by being divided in your mind - half devoted to Jesus, the other half devoted to worldly things.


Pray. Pray for forgiveness and to forgive. DON'T GIVE UP! You will reap what Jesus wants (Gal. 6:9). You'll produce fruit (especially when it's "inconvenient") because the world is hungry for Jesus. And Jesus - is He hungry for family? Check out the Bible and see...

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