Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A few weeks ago we were PRAISING GOD for a contract on our house. It was in the process of selling so we could go to Kenya to serve widows and orphans. We were SOOO excited to know that phase of "waiting" was done and we could move into the next phase of preparing to actually leave for long term ministry with our "African family!" We sang, shouted, rejoiced that we were moving forward... until, the contract fell through. Unpredicted, unexpected, out of nowhere, we hear the hard news... ugh, the buyer was not able to get financing...ugh!

So, now, I'm deliberately fighting disappointment. I refuse to think God forgot about us. I am standing in faith, believing He has a better plan. I am PRAISING GOD, not for what He does, but because HE IS WORTHY - all the time, no matter what.

Taleah, praising God on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya - our "someday" home.

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Steiners! said...

Oh no! I just checked in after being gone a few weeks. UGH. I will start up the praying a new!

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