Friday, April 30, 2010


It's the end of a l-o-n-g week filled with meetings, phone conferences, plenty of praying, kids stuff, husband stuff, and the eternal chores of laundry and dishes...sigh...
I'm in the mood for a cuppa hot tea and a reason to smile...

Tavin's 3 year old smile melted hearts. His long eyelashes that covered soft brown eyes never failed to evoke the envy of every woman who met him. With a gentle disposition that survived through profound woundedness, Tavin was a joy to welcome home. His adoption party hosted over 90 friends and we opened presents all day; a cowboy hat, flashlight and big boy underwear became his new treasured possessions.

Since we had waited years (no exaggeration) to adopt our little guy, extended family who lived in Ohio and New York wanted us to travel from Colorado to introduce our son to his gazillion relatives. We were excited for them to meet Tavin, too. We purchased airline tickets and prepared to travel -packing the cowboy hat and flashlight, showing Tavin photos of grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins.

After landing in Ohio, the worldwind began... new faces, new places, more new faces and places.

Each evening Tavin would ask, "Can I go home now?"
We'd answer, "Well, not yet, Buddy. You've got some more family to meet."

We drove from Ohio to New York to see my three brothers, five sisters, their spouses and herds of kiddos. Tavin played hard, hugged everyone, and smiled nonstop for snapping cameras; yet, each time we got in the car he would say,

"Let's go home now."
"Almost time to go home," we'd reply as we drove back to Ohio for a little more visiting...

When we boarded the airplane two weeks later, Tavin gladly buckled in and exclaimed to anyone who listened that he was going home. When our connection in Chicago was canceled and we had to overnight in the windy city, Tavin wondered aloud again,

"Are we going home?"
"No, Buddy, not yet." we mumbled, fumbling with the hotel key.

Finally, we boarded an afternoon flight and 8 hours later, we pulled into our driveway and Daddy carried a sleepy Tavin to his bedroom and tucked him in. The next morning, as the sunshine streamed through the windows, Tavin ran down the hall to greet us in the kitchen with a look of amazement and exclaimed,

"Mommy! Mommy! We're home - you found it!

Tavin's twelve now and he's reading this post over my shoulder. He's preparing to go to his first traveling basketball tournament. He gives me a hug and that heart-melting smile,
"Yep, Mom, I still like home best!"

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