Friday, January 16, 2009

What's the Story Behind These Eyes?

Her story reveals the need we all have to belong- to be nurtured and protected. She needs a family to embrace her. She didn't come into this world the "average" way. Somewhere early along in her journey she experienced rejection; she was probably abandoned, abused or neglected. She must be healed from ugly scars even if it's hard to do. She might respond to a warm hug, delight in soft covers and a bedtime story. She could resist tender care with uncommon apathy, ignoring her needs because they have never been fulfilled. Yes, she must be loved through some difficult stuff and it will take a lifetime.

Yet, that's exactly what God does for us. Scripture says He predestined us to be His children. God longs to embraces us regardless of our response. His desire is to nurture and protect us, apply healing to our wounded places. But sometimes we act out of scars of rejection, refusing His hugs, apathetic to His tender care. Sometimes we're really a lot like the little girl behind these desperate eyes- afraid to be known or loved by our Heavenly Father. Well, God patiently waits for us to call Him "Daddy." When we do, we are welcomed unconditionally into His family, adopted as His child. So, if God gives us the honor to call Him "Daddy" then who will the child behind these eyes call "Daddy?" Will it be you?

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